Christina Gruenewald

Head of Climate Change & Food Systems

Products & Solutions, Wider Management Team

Field experience
Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kosovo, Colombia

German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Focus areas

  • Technical expertise in environment, climate change and sustainable agriculture
  • Environment and climate change mainstreaming in the project cycle
  • Systemic development approaches (Inclusive Systems Development)
  • Design and facilitation of trainings and capacity building
  • Facilitation of knowledge exchange and learning

Reference projects

Unternehmerische Ökosysteme, Nachhaltiger Tourismus
Promoting Private Sector Employment
Facilitation of public-private dialogue on the topic of sustainable agriculture with the respective stakeholders in the food and natural ingredients sector.
Unternehmerische Ökosysteme
Entwicklung funktionierender Märkte in den Flussgebieten von Jamuna, Padma and Teesta (M4C)
Environmental study and project design workshop. DRR, climate change and environment assessment and strategy development.
Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft
Innovationen für eine nachhaltige Landwirtschaft
Backstopping on strategy for transition to conservation agriculture, product development, identification and liaising with potential partners.
Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft
Dynamische Märkte für Bauern und Bäuerinnen -Nachhaltiger Kakao und Honig
Backstopping on integration of environment and climate change into intervention design and implementation in the cocoa and honey sectors.
Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft
Beninclusif - Dynamische Märkte für nachhaltige Landwirtschaftsprodukte
Workshops with the team on environmental and climate change assessment and integration of respective measures into project design and implementation, co-facilitation of Inclusive Systems Development training for project team.
Indonesia PRISMA
Target Group Profile study based on the Sustainable Livelihood Approach in 10 agricultural sub-sectors to verify/adapt intervention logic.