Over 60 Years of Promoting Economic, Social and Ecological Development
Anne-Marie Im Hof-Piguet


Anne-Marie Im Hof-Piguet, one of the founders of the foundation and, together with the first president, a successful fundraiser.

The “Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation” is founded. Its first President is Dr. Hans Schindler and the first Executive Director is Dr. Fritz Real.

Prime minister Nehru at the opening of the Indo-Swiss Training Centers.


In Chandigarh, India, the first vocational school in precision engineering is opened.

Swiss cattle "Braunvieh" for Africa


An agricultural training school is opened in Sékou (Dahomey, today Benin), as the foundation’s second project.

Opening of training facility in Gabès


The first federal contract project in Gabès, Tunisia. The Governor of Gabès says 1971 to a Swisscontact representative:
"If this training centre did not exist, it would have to be created, as it shows us the real problems of our region, such as the lack of jobs. We in the developing countries must be put under pressure to achieve something."

Robert Jenny


Robert Jenny takes over management of the foundation, and the name is changed to Swisscontact.

Training facility in Bandung


The first project in Indonesia – a mechanics’ training school in Bandung – is launched; Indonesia would later become a key partner country.

Dr. Max Gloor


Dr. Max Gloor becomes President after Giuseppe Bertola.

Swiss master cheese maker in Peru


The Swisscontact Senior Expert Corps is founded. The experts support and advise small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and Eastern Europe on a voluntary basis.

Peruvian scholarship holders in Switzerland


Swisscontact yields great success after 20 years: 10 completed and eight ongoing projects; 3,500 trainee graduates and 2,000 in training; 26 million CHF donated by businesses; 14 million CHF in Swiss Federal grants; and 1 million CHF in community donations.

Apprentices handling the bench vice in PMS Politeknik Mekanik Swiss in Indonesia.


In Indonesia, a large project financed by the government is launched – the development of six technical schools for 5,000 students, as well as a teacher-training center.

Entrepreneur in Costa Rica


The first business development project starts up in Costa Rica.

Dr. Thomas Bechtler


Dr. Thomas Bechtler becomes President of Swisscontact.

Mechanic in Costa Rica


The first environmental project is launched in Costa Rica.

In Albania, Swisscontact makes its first foray into post-communist Eastern Europe.

Training centre for welding in Vietnam


Our training project in Vietnam is the first to focus on brief courses.

Dr. Urs Egger


The first pure microfinance project is launched in Ecuador.

Dr. Urs Egger replaces Robert Jenny as Executive Director.

Successful entrepreneur in Ecuador


A new approach to SME development is tested in Peru and Ecuador and involves building for-profit business advisory centres.
The Swiss federal government tenders out new contracts.

Vocational education in Mali


The first SDC tenders won by Swisscontact: skills development in Mali and financial services in Ecuador.

Dr. Hanspeter Ming


Dr. Hanspeter Ming becomes President.

Vehicle inspection in Bolivia


Clean air projects – which introduced lead-free petrol in the entire region – are closed out in Central America.
Swisscontact wins global project financing and grows rapidly.

Community savings and lending groups in Kenya


In East Africa, Swisscontact begins supporting commercial banks in their efforts to introduce and develop financial services.


Peter Grüschow


In Sri Lanka and Indonesia, Swisscontact helps in economic reconstruction after the Boxing Day tsunami. 

Peter Grüschow becomes President. Swisscontact Germany is founded.

Market development in Bangladesh


Swisscontact North America is founded in the USA for fundraising and acquisition.

Samuel Bon


Samuel Bon becomes CEO.

Heinrich M. Lanz


Heinrich M. Lanz becomes President.

As part of the Momentum for Change initiative, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) names the EELA energy efficiency programme as a reference project.

Tailor in Kakuma


In Kakuma, Kenya, work starts on developing basic qualifications for youth in and around Africa’s largest refugee camp. Swisscontact Germany is sold to employees as part of a management buyout and becomes "Fair Ventures".

Sustainable construction in Peru


Swisscontact has been working in Peru since 1966. Peru is the first country in which Swisscontact has been implementing development projects continuously for 50 years.

Sustainable fish farming in Bangladesh


Swisscontact’s pioneering market development work in Bangladesh approaches its end after 17 years. Over the entire course of the Katalyst project, Swisscontact was able to assist a total 4.7 million smallholder farm businesses and SMEs, integrating them more closely into the market.

Enterprise promotion 


Swisscontact begins implementing the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO). The project work is implemented simultaneously in several countries.

Vocational education and training in Mali


After 12 years the major programme for vocational training promotion ends successfully.
More than 60 000 persons completed a vocational training.

Swisscontact and The Springfield Centre


The Springfield Centre for Business in Development and Swisscontact join forces. The UK-based consulting firm is a global leader in inclusive market systems and development.

Educational offensive in Niger

In 2019, Swisscontact celebrates its 60th anniversary. 120 projects in 38 countries and seven regions with 1,100 employees and 100 million CHF turnover. 

In terms of our goals, nothing has changed for Swisscontact since being founded in 1959: we will continue creating opportunities for economically and socially disadvantaged people to improve their lives on their own initiative.

The archive photos on this website were kindly provided by the Archives of Contemporary History.