Mission and guiding principles

We unleash the potential of private initiative to foster sustainable development and shared prosperity in developing and emerging economies.

Our beliefs and values

Private Initiative and Systemic Change

We view private initiative as a key source of innovation and opportunity creation. We therefore support systemic change that encourages those innovations that have the potential to trigger sustainable and inclusive development and increase resilience.


Locally-Led Development

We are committed to empowering local actors by strengthening their capacities and giving them decision-making power through long-term partnerships that are based on shared values.



By tapping into our international experience and engaging our partner network, we develop and apply innovative and scalable solutions that maximise the impact and outreach of our work.


Equal Opportunities

We protect and advance the perception and fulfilment of rights to equality and non-discrimination. We strive to provide all individuals with fair and impartial access to opportunities.


We have an unwavering commitment to ethical behaviour, maintaining the highest standard of compliance in every aspect of our operations. We exhibit zero tolerance for non-adherence to laws, regulations, policies, and standards.



We are transparent in everything we do, communicating openly about our achievements and collecting insights from the challenges we encounter along the way. We share our learnings for the benefit of all, thereby strengthening our credibility and the trust of our partners.



Our people are our most valuable resource. We empower our employees, create space for individual initiative, leadership and innovation, and strive for a climate of trust.

What we do

  • We strengthen the competencies of people by promoting employment and generating income opportunities.
  • We increase the competitiveness of enterprises to enable growth in their business.
  • We foster inclusive social and economic systems by developing sustainable, resilient and scalable innovations.


Working principles
Sustainability strategy