El Salvador

In El Salvador, Swisscontact began its cooperation in local economic development in 1996 and later extended its experience in value chains, air quality and vocational technical training, with the main objective of favouring the country's vulnerable population. We are currently expanding our experience to include assistance to returned migrants, working in coordination with public entities, local governments and the private sector. In El Salvador, Swisscontact creates opportunities to improve people's lives through a systemic and integrative approach that seeks the sustainability of the initiatives supported, provides innovative solutions to challenges and obstacles, and promotes the integration of the different parties involved.

facts and figures

  • Area: 21,041 km²
  • Population: 6,486,000
  • Capital: San Salvador

Swisscontact in El Salvador

  • since 1996


El Salvador
Labour market insertion, Continuing Vocational Education and Training, Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Migration
Gene-Sis: Creating new opportunities for returned migrants
This project addresses one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in Central America. Thousands of migrants are forced every year to return to their home countries. Back in their country, many returning migrants face difficulties: although most returnees have no criminal background, the deportees are perceived as criminals by their fellow citizens and have difficulty integrating into the labour market. At the same time, these practically experienced skilled workers bear great potential as there is a demand for qualified workers in growing economic sectors.
El Salvador, Guatemala
Labour market insertion, Migration
Nuevas Oportunidades: productive reintegration of returned migrants
The project seeks the economic reintegration of returned migrants. It enables returned migrants to certify the skills they have acquired in the United States or Mexico. After certification, they are supported in finding a job or starting their own business.


El Salvador, Guatemala
Coaching, certification and psychosocial support for returnee migrants
The large number of Guatemalan and Salvadoran migrants who have returned to their home country in recent years poses significant challenges for their sustainable reintegration, especially in terms of finding employment. Swisscontact has been successful in assisting the reintegration process of migrants since 2016, as demonstrated by the case study "Supporting returnees’ employment in Guatemala" where the New Opportunities project takes centre stage.
Nepal, Mozambique, El Salvador, Guatemala
Initial vocational education and training, Labour market insertion, Migration
Accrediting vocational skills to facilitate labour market integration
Vocational training and continuing education have been among Swisscontact’s main areas of focus for a long time. For such projects, the standard is for acquired skills to be certified so that people have a better chance at finding their way in the job market. In developing countries and emerging economies, many people do have the requisite vocational skills, but they do not have a document attesting to this experience. Swisscontact is engaged in various projects and initiatives for the accreditation and certification of vocational skills.
Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua
Continuing Vocational Education and Training, Labour market insertion, Initial vocational education and training
Skills Development in Latin America
Through lifelong learning, based on a high-quality education and training system, it is possible to access the world of work, mitigating youth unemployment and contributing to stability in fragile contexts such as in Latin America. Watch the video to learn more.
Country Director Nicaragua and El Salvador
Ricardo Javier Fernández


Swisscontact has been implementing specific projects in El Salvador since 1996 in the following thematic areas: 

  1. Vocational training: Productive employment and income generation through market-oriented vocational training with better access to the labor market. 
  2. Business promotion: Strengthening the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies through sustainable value chains, improved market access and development of the local economy. 
  3. Inclusive finance: Strengthen entrepreneurs by improving their access to financial services and products, as well as basic financial training. 
  4. Climate-friendly economy: Creation of green jobs through efficient use of natural resources and ecological production. 

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