Albania is a middle-income country with high unemployment (14%-22%) and underemployment, particularly among youth (40%), and a large informal sector (>30%) as key challenges. A functional democracy with improved public services and an inclusive, competitive market economy in support of the European integration are among the goals of international cooperation strategies for the country.
About Albania

Country Facts

  • Area: in km2: 28,748
  • Population: 2,845,955
  • Capital: Tirana

Swisscontact in Albania

  • since 1994
  • 6 running projects


Initial vocational education and training, Sustainable tourism
Skills for Jobs (S4J)
‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J) is a project mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Swisscontact Albania. It is part of the Economic Development Domain of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Albania (2018-2021), with specific focus on promotion of employment opportunities and skills development.
Labour market insertion, Sustainable tourism, Migration
New Perspectives (Perspektiva të Reja)
The project aims to improve key socio-economic conditions of Kukës County and Dibër Municipality, that often drive people to migrate irregularly to the United Kingdom.
Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, Vietnam
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Swiss Entrepreneurship Program
The heart of any entrepreneurial ecosystem is the community of entrepreneurs themselves. The Swiss Entrepreneurship Program (Swiss EP) has incorporated this belief and supports building local startup communities bottom up by working with ecosystem leaders and builders since 2015. We do this by working with selected startup support organizations...
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Kickstart – Business mentoring and access to finance for young micro-entrepreneurs
The project supports young, disadvantaged micro-entrepreneurs to enhance their capacities through business mentoring, e-learning on financial literacy and access to loan, the latter being tailored to their needs and capabilities by partner microfinance institutions.
Albanian-Swiss Intellectual Property
The Albanian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project (ALSIP) is a development cooperation project between the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Albania. The objective is to contribute to entrepreneurs, creators, researchers and producers in Albania benefiting from the effective protection of intellectual property objects.


Initial vocational education and training
Tailoring Vocational Training and Private Sector Partnerships to Shape Tomorrow’s Workforce
The demand for professionals in the ICT field is continuously increasing, leading more students to choose this direction. They begin a transformative journey, which equips them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the digital age, through various experiences they create and opportunities offered to them during their educational path both within and outside school environments.
Labour market insertion, Migration
UK Members of Parliament visit Albania to assess migration dynamics to UK
A recent report by the UK Home Affairs Committee sheds light on migration and socio-economic challenges in Northern Albania, particularly Kukës County and Dibër municipality.
Initial vocational education and training
S4J in Albania embarks on Phase 3 with impressive impact on vocational education and training
Skills for Jobs (S4J), a Swisscontact-implemented project in Albania, celebrates a momentous achievement as Phase 2 comes to a successful close, marking the beginning of an exciting new era: Skills for Jobs Phase 3. Despite pandemic challenges, S4J has adapted swiftly to the tech-savvy generation's needs, resulting in an impressive 71.1% of vocational education and training graduates finding employment within a year after graduation or certification. This next phase centers on transferability, building upon previous accomplishments to create a sustainable system.
Country Director Albania
Cuan Opperman

Swisscontact in Albania

Swisscontact’s portfolio in Albania is the largest in the region. Through our projects, we contribute to equitable economic development, by building sustainable systems for vocational skills development and enterprise promotion.

Innovation, labour-market oriented training and private sector involvement are at the core of Swisscontact’s interventions in Albania. The goal is to provide more and better economic opportunities and perspectives to all, but especially to young women and men.

Swisscontact’s work in Albania is an essential part of Switzerland’s development strategy in the country.

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The abilities and readiness for action of our employees are decisive for our projects’ ability to achieve sustainable impact, as well as our long-term success. As an attractive employer, Swisscontact invests in a positive management and work culture. This is defined by our fundamental understanding of development intended to serve not only our beneficiaries in project countries but our employees as well.
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