In terms of entrepreneurship, Morocco’s diversity offers its people many opportunities to improve their employability in numerous sectors. Nevertheless, the country’s often weak infrastructure, which is marked by insufficient opportunities and resources, undermines Moroccans’ ability to exercise their full economic potential. 


  • Area: 446,550 km2
  • Population: 37 million
  • Capital: Rabat

Swisscontact in Morocco

  • since 2015


Labour market insertion
Coaching for employment and entrepreneurship 
Job placement for disadvantaged youth
The project aims to provide young women and men from vulnerable backgrounds in Morocco with opportunities for productive self-employment, so they become empowered to create resilient livelihoods for themselves.
Sustainable tourism
Outdoor activities to promote biodiversity in Ifrane National Park
Outdoor activities to promote biodiversity in Ifrane National Park
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
The Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP) was established in 2003 by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida). The current phase of the DAPP (2022-2027) focuses on employment and human rights in the MENA region, with a primary focus on youth. The activities focus on Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan, and address some of the root causes of youth migration to Europe.
Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Colombia, Indonesia, Morocco, North Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam
Trade, Initial vocational education and training, Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Sustainable tourism
Swiss Import Promotion Programme
The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a well-established mandate of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) within the framework of its economic development cooperation. As for the new investment phase (2017-2020), SIPPO is carried out by Swisscontact.The overall objective of the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is...
Sustainable tourism
Switzerland-Morocco Sustainable Tourism Programme
The Swiss-Moroccan sustainable tourism programme aims to support the provinces of Azilal and Beni Mellal in developing sustainable tourism with integrated sectors in order to reduce poverty, create income and new jobs and improve existing jobs, particularly for young people and women.


Sustainable tourism
A dinosaur is Morocco’s new museum attraction
Since June 2023, a resin cast replica of one of the largest-ever dinosaurs found anywhere can be seen in the newly opened Museum of the M'Goun Geopark in Azilal, in Béni-Mellal province. The real bones are being stored for safekeeping in the Moroccan Ministry for Geology and Mining in Rabat.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Analysing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Morocco
Swisscontact and its partners analysed the startup community in Morocco and share recommendations for developing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Launch of Youth Inclusion and Employment Project
On 10th March, the Youth Inclusion and Employment Project (YIEP) was launched in Rabat as part of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme II (DAPP II). Swisscontact and partner organisations introduced themselves and their contributions to the project.
Directeur Swisscontact Maroc
Didier Krumm

Our Interventions

In collaboration with our local partners and by strengthening the local structures, Swisscontact applies a gender equity approach focusing on youth and women. To reduce poverty, generate income, and create new jobs, sustainability of project implementation is a central priority for Swisscontact. 

With its interventions, Swisscontact is facing the challenges of under- and unemployment in Morocco by facilitating skills development, targeted training, and better opportunities for employment, primarily through capacity building of small businesses. 

The abilities and readiness for action of our employees are decisive for our projects’ ability to achieve sustainable impact, as well as our long-term success. As an attractive employer, Swisscontact invests in a positive management and work culture. This is defined by our fundamental understanding of development intended to serve not only our beneficiaries in project countries but our employees as well.
Motivated and productive employees with initiative constitute the most important success factor in all areas of our work. We count on individuals who are looking to the future, impact- and team-oriented, and want to work in international development cooperation.

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