Peru, a demonstrably stable economy in recent decades, is driven largely by the abundance of natural resources and the high price of commodities on the world market. However, the prevalence of employment in the informal sector (more than 70%), limited access to health services, low quality of education, and high level of corruption, remain a problem for the country. 

facts and figures

  • Area: 1,28 million km²
  • Population: 33,000,000
  • Capital: Lima

Swisscontact in PerU

  • since 1966


Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Regional Protection and Migration Programme
Strengthening protection practices of humanitarian actors in the Latin American region through the creation of evidence on good practices in protecting people on the move.
Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, Vietnam
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Swiss Entrepreneurship Program
The heart of any entrepreneurial ecosystem is the community of entrepreneurs themselves. The Swiss Entrepreneurship Program (Swiss EP) has incorporated this belief and supports building local startup communities bottom up by working with ecosystem leaders and builders since 2015. We do this by working with selected startup support organizations...
Upskilling and Reskilling
Peru: Promotion of Safe, Sound and Sustainable Construction Practices in Vulnerable Urban Areas (Construya)
Accelerated urbanization, a lack of urban planning and a significant housing deficit have generated an increasing number of informal dwellings. It is estimated that 500,000 homes and more than 700,000 people in Lima live in conditions that place them at high-risk of earthquakes and tsunamis, making Peru one of the countries most likely to...
Green cities
Progressive Housing project
This initiative aims to improve the supply of and access to appropriate services, products and technologies that will enable families in Lima to have better conditions for building or remodelling their homes.
Benin, Bolivia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Laos, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Senior Expert Contact
Promoting entrepreneurship through expertise - Imparting technical skills through volunteer work Through their services, Senior Expert Contact (SEC) experts provide hands-on, direct support to companies and institutions in their efforts to grow.


Labour market insertion
"Now I am able to be a good teacher" - Yasmani Menoza's success story
Yasmani Mendoza has been working in construction for more than 18 years. For him, training is a crucial part of becoming a better teacher, which is why he trained with the cement company UNACEM, through the Capeco Institute.
Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile
Green cities
Using tools and policies to combat air pollution and safeguard global public health
For 3 consecutive years, 2021-2023, CALAC+ has supported the Lugano Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management (SSPH+) by sharing its strategies for improving air quality to protect human health.
Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia
Green cities
Advancing heavy machinery regulation to improve air quality and mitigate climate change
Heavy machinery used in the construction industry and in agriculture emits pollutants that harm the health of people and the environment. Swisscontact is contributing to the development of regulatory frameworks that improve air quality in Latin American cities and mitigate climate change.
Directora País
Cecilia Rivera


Swisscontact began its activities in Peru 54 years ago (in 1966). Since then, our portfolio of projects and services has evolved according to global priorities and the countries in which we work. At present, it focuses on ecosystem facilitation and capacity building in agriculture, food security, trade and exports as well as technical and professional training, business promotion, the environment and adaptation to climate change, within the framework of resource efficiency and private sector development.

Motivated and productive employees with initiative constitute the most important success factor in all areas of our work. We count on individuals who are looking to the future, impact- and team-oriented, and want to work in international development cooperation.

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