Code of conduct and speak up 

Swisscontact has strong faith in the integrity of its employees and suppliers. Since Swisscontact works in many different countries and cultural environments, it is important to establish a common set of values that are binding for everyone. These values are anchored in the Code of Conduct and supplement present and future policies, guidelines and rules adopted by Swisscontact. 

These values are to be recognised and respected by all employees. The objective of the Code of Conduct is to provide employees with guidelines concerning their expected conduct at work and in public regardless of their cultural background. Compliance with the Code of Conduct ensures a constructive and innovative working climate based on mutual trust and safeguards Swisscontact’s reputation and operational efficiency. 

Speak up - what to do in case of a suspected breach of Code of Conduct

A breach of the Code of Conduct may have serious consequences for victims and weaken the integrity of Swisscontact. Swisscontact, therefore, considers reporting potential breaches of Code of Conduct crucial to fight individual misbehaviour or corruption, fraud and conflicts of interest. Victims and witnesses of misconduct related to activities of Swisscontact have the right and the obligation to report cases immediately. Therefore, Swisscontact has defined a reporting mechanism and different reporting channels. 

Internal reporting channel

Express yourself clearly and confidently if you feel offended by specific comments or actions or suspect a violation of the Code of Conduct by another employee:

  • Ask for a personal conversation: either one‐to‐one between the parties concerned or in the presence of a trustworthy person.
  • Contact a trustworthy superior: This could be in our offices such as the Country Director, Regional Director, the Director People & Learning at Head Office or any other superior you can trust.
  • Consult the local Compliance Officer (orally or through a confidential letter), who will treat the matter with absolute confidentiality. There will be no retaliation for such reporting.
  • Use our internal reporting channel: [email protected]

External reporting channel

Swisscontact has signed up with Safecall, a professional reporting service with a whistleblowing hotline. Internal and external whistleblowers, such as suppliers and partners can report anonymous or namely by phone or online on Safecall's internet platform.The experts of Safecall receive complaints in over 170 languages and transmit them to the person in charge at Swisscontact. The confidentiality and anonymity of the informer are respected. Safecall provides the following contact options: