Collaboration with the Private Sector

Founded by Swiss business leaders over 60 years ago, our commitment to the private sector is deeply rooted in our DNA. We believe that together we can achieve more if we leverage resources and capital from the private sector to promote socially and environmentally responsible economic growth. 

We use the driving power of the private sector to scale sustainable development and broad-based well-being in developing countries and emerging economies. Through our longstanding partnership approaches with global and local partners,  we have catalyzed the private sector’s potential and develop innovative, market-oriented approaches to tackle development challenges at local levels. Through these efforts we support locally led and private sector development that achieves measurable and sustainable economic growth towards achieving the SDGs.

Swisscontact a convener and bridgebuilder

Swisscontact works together with multiple partners: national, regional, and local governments, civil society organizations, global and local companies, investors, and donors. As a convener, we engage these diverse actors and leverage their different skills, knowledge and market roles to help create sustainable development solutions. The private sector plays a unique role in this process.

In an increasingly interconnected world with more recognition of shared value approaches, there are ever more overlaps between business interests and development goals. These provide a basis for many dynamic collaborations.

As a bridgebuilder, Swisscontact develops sustainable, multi-stakeholder collaborations to build long-term and strategic alliances between international development agencies and the private sector. The resultant market-based and long-term projects foster sustainable development.

Market-oriented solutions for sustainable development

Private sector-led and market-oriented approaches that drive socially and environmentally sustainable market economies offer the best conditions for people and businesses to reach their full potential. 

The private sector brings a wealth of knowledge, innovative technologies, skills, and resources that improve and scale the effectiveness of development cooperation. Collaboration with the private sector makes it possible to achieve results that encompass development priorities and address climate change that can be scaled through private sector investments that create jobs, employ green technologies, and work towards net zero carbon targets.

Swisscontact believes that applying market-oriented approaches, attracting  investments, and closing technological and financial gaps can help achieve the global development goals. In this way we achieve a broader outreach and long lasting impact to strengthen the resilience and prosperity of people and communities worldwide.

Our offer: Swisscontact – a preferred partner to the private sector

Through our self-funded Swisscontact Development Programme, we co-create local development and value chain projects with private sector partners. In these partnerships, Swisscontact provides funding for technical assistance and other support and works with to committed private sector partners who also provide financing and commitments. 

In these partnerships, Swisscontact provides funding for technical assistance and other support and works with committed private sector partners who also provide financing and commitments. 
Swisscontact facilitates partnerships with companies and investors to spur development and confront the challenges faced by companies – from the stability of value chains to investments in local businesses and workforce development. Our approach:

Building public-private partnerships (PPPs) with local and international businesses and public development agencies.

These partnerships are based on strong alignment of business interests with public sector development goals. Through PPPs, we link shared resources, risks, and responsibilities. Swisscontact plays a neutral role in this process, focusing on initiating partnerships, exchanging knowledge, technologies, and financial resources, and operationalizing project implementation. 

Design and implementation of development projects with Swiss and multinational companies in various multiple sectors and value chains.

Swisscontact supports private sector initiatives by developing sustainable solutions with companies to support local private sector development. Through its long-standing support for local market systems and value chains, Swisscontact has established extensive local businesses networks and contacts. This knowledge and insights of the social and economic context as well as the dynamics of regional and national market mechanisms help ensure project success.

Social Commitment

Swisscontact has decades-long experience working with private sector companies to achieve sustainable business objectives and socially beneficial outcomes. We offer companies multiple approaches to develop innovative, sustainable, and socially responsible projects.

Our strengths

  • Global presence
    Through our extensive presence and operations in more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Eastern Europe/Balkans, we have extensive networks with national and local governments, private sector, and civil society organizations, which positions us to develop sustainable solutions implemented and led by local stakeholders.
  • Local partnerships: Long-lasting and sustainable 
    We always work closely with local private sector, finance institutions, and civil society organizations. This puts us in a position to strengthen social and economic structures, especially in fragile environments. Our long-standing partnerships employ inclusive approaches that focus on jointly implemented projects benefitting all stakeholders, especially local communities.
  • Comprehensive expertise 
    With our deep-rooted understanding of social, environmental, and economic contexts, we are able to secure broad-based support to share our technical experience and know how to create synergies with local governments, local civil society, and local private sector. We implement innovative solutions, which take a whole systems and holistic approach to ensure market-oriented solutions are achieving sustainability and impact at scale. In this way we partner in and support the development of inclusive and resilient communities.
  • Convening power and expert facilitation
    As a globally recognized organization that is highly respected in local markets, we bring the private sector, governing authorities, research institutions, and civil society organizations together to foster broad-based economic development with an eye to long-term, tangible sustainability and efficacy. Swisscontact sees itself as the catalyst and provider of such processes.
We work closely together with local, national, and international partners. Our partnerships focus on bringing tangible benefits to everyone, in particular the local population. 
Examples of our projects where the private sector is brought on board to foster economic growth in various sectors, countries, and geographic contexts.