Our Work

Our work focuses on unleashing the potential of private initiatives in developing and emerging countries. We foster sustainable and inclusive economic development with the objective of improving the quality of life for all. 
What we offer
Development cooperation requires customised inclusive solutions. Swisscontact is committed to implement projects, provide advisory services, and practical hands-on training. 

We also engage in applied research.
Our expertise
Our expertise focuses on creating economic opportunities for our beneficiaries. It covers skills development, inclusive economic development, and climate change and food systems.
How we work
The UN’s Agenda 2030 encompasses 17 development goals, none of which can be achieved without inclusive development. 

In line with these objectives, Swisscontact is particularly committed to four of them and implements the projects in adherence to four clearly defined working principles:
Results and Impact
To make our processes more efficient and for our own continuous improvement, Swisscontact applies systematic impact measurement. Our uniform results monitoring and measurement in various projects are integral elements of Swisscontact project management and quality assurance.