A new management duo has taken the helm 

The former Chairman of the Swisscontact Foundation Board, Heinrich M. Lanz, passed the torch to his successor Thomas D. Meyer on 2 June 2021. Meyer and the new CEO, Philippe Schneuwly, who takes over from Samuel Bon, will form the new team at the head of Swisscontact from June 2021. 
Thomas D. Meyer, new Chairman of Swisscontact (right), has taken over the torch from Heinrich M. Lanz.

The Swisscontact offices said goodbye to Heinrich M. Lanz and Samuel Bon, its former Chairman of the Foundation Board and CEO respectively, and welcomed their successors, Thomas D. Meyer and Philippe Schneuwly, into their new roles at yesterday’s official handover.

Ready for the future
Lanz and Bon, who had each held their role for a number of years, both made it clear in their speeches that this change in leadership puts Swisscontact in an excellent position going forwards. Despite the great challenges over recent years – particularly the COVID-19 pandemic – the foundation has managed to utilise its stable structures, networks and partnerships to strengthen resilience to crises. “Swisscontact has proved that the organisation has a strong innovative spirit. I want to continue to drive this forwards and use it to benefit our projects”, said the new CEO Philippe Schneuwly, who has worked at Swisscontact since 2009.

Samuel Bon (right) presents his successor, Phillippe Schneuwly, with a few practical tools and tips for his new role as CEO.

Working towards objectives with the private sector
“For me, it is particularly important to mobilise new partnerships with the private sector. Development cooperation work – and therefore achieving the development goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda – can only succeed through collaborations with companies, and therefore the support of the economy”, explained Thomas D. Meyer, the new Chairman of the Foundation Board.

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