Our expertise

Our work is based on three foundational pillars: We strengthen the competencies of individuals so they can improve their income and their opportunities for employment; we enhance the competitiveness of businesses to help them grow and become more resilient; we promote socio-economic systems that favour comprehensive development for widespread prosperity.
Initial Vocational education and training
Professional skills for the world of work
Labour Market Insertion
Matching the needs of jobs seekers with the requirements of the labour market
Upskilling and Reskilling
Stay employable for life – thanks to upskilling and reskilling
Tailored solutions for people on the move
Sustainable Tourism
Balancing economic growth, environmental sustainability, gender equality and social inclusion
Green cities
Towards more sustainable cities
Sustainable agriculture
An inclusive and resilient agricultural sector as the basis for rural development and poverty reduction
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Entrepreneurial ecosystems and community development for sustainable growth
Global trade to improve growth potential and competitiveness