Our expertise

Vocational education and training, retraining and labour market integration constitute a focus of our activities. In this way, we strengthen people's skills and offer them the conditions for a secure livelihood and the opportunity to actively participate in society.

In business promotion, we focus our work on five economic sectors with the best chances for sustainable development: tourism, trade, entrepreneurial ecosystems, green cities, and sustainable agriculture. 

Vocational education and training, retraining and labour market integration

Vocational education and training
The first step in acquiring professional skills for the world of work
Labour Market Insertion
Matching the needs of job seekers with the requirements of the labour market
Continuing Vocational Education and Training
Ensuring lifelong employability through upskilling and reskilling 

Business Promotion

Sustainable agriculture
Rural development and a strong agricultural sector reduce poverty and are the basis for sustainable economic development at all levels. 
Sustainable Tourism Development
Tourism is a sector with potential for sustainable economic growth for both developing and emerging economies. 
Green cities
By 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in urban areas. Cities in developing countries face considerable challenges. Swisscontact has solutions to these problems and is preparing the way for livable and sustainable green cities. 
Swisscontact is facilitating national and global trade to improve growth potential and competitiveness of businesses and to foster sustainable job and income creation.
Entrepreneurial ecosystem development 
Entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems drive economies for job creation, income generation, and contribution to the SDGs.