About us

We are a leading organisation for the implementation of international development projects. Founded in 1959 and registered under Swiss law, we are an independent non-profit organisation. We are politically and denominationally neutral.

Founded in 1959 and registered under Swiss law, we are an independent non-profit organisation. We are politically and denominationally neutral.
Mission statement
We promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development  to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies. With this objective in mind, we offer the chance to economically and socially disadvantaged people to improve their lives on their own initiative.
Annual Reports
Explore the annual reports to find out more about Swisscontact, highlights and key figures. Gain insight into how we promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development.
Our Team
The abilities and readiness for action of our employees are decisive for our projects’ ability to achieve sustainable impact, as well as our long-term success. As an attractive employer, Swisscontact invests in a positive management and work culture. This is defined by our fundamental understanding of development intended to serve not only our beneficiaries in project countries but our employees as well.

Code of conduct
Swisscontact has strong faith in the integrity of its employees and suppliers. Since Swisscontact works in many different countries and cultural environments, it is important to establish a common set of values that are binding for everyone. These values are anchored in the Code of Conduct and supplement present and future policies, guidelines and rules adopted by Swisscontact. 
Economic, Social and Ecological Development 
for over 60 years
The history of Swisscontact reflects the changes in the world economy and international development cooperation. In the beginning, our focus was on industrialisation and the growth of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the 1980s, the war on poverty came to the fore, and since the 1990s, sustainable development has defined our commitment. 
The objective of Swisscontact’s work is to open up pathways out of poverty for people in developing countries through broad-based economic development projects.

Motivated and productive employees with initiative constitute the most important success factor in all areas of our work. We count on motivated individuals who are looking to the future, impact- and team-oriented, and want to work in international development cooperation.