Labour Market Insertion

Matching the needs of jobs seekers with the requirements of the labour market

To find and remain in productive employment or self-employment, people often depend on effective support services, which serve both labour market and individual needs. Swisscontact connects these two worlds by strengthening Labour Market Insertion (LaMi). 

LaMI services act as an interface between job seekers and the labour market. They are tailored to meet the needs of individuals to access employment and self-employment opportunities, and the needs of enterprises to access a skilled and qualified workforce. Where available, LaMI services are usually anchored in the social welfare system and delivered by public employment services or private actors, including NGOs, training providers and enterprises. Swisscontact brings these public and private actors together to jointly take ownership for delivering better and more relevant services. 

"The knowledge and skill that I gained in the entrepreneurship training will stay with me for life."
Bimala Phuyal, project participant Step Up Providing Business Skills for Entrepreneurs

Expanding our reach

Swisscontact plays a facilitative and capacity-building role in LaMI. Our support initiatives vary in complexity and cover a wide range of measures and instruments, ranging from individual services, information, counselling and skills development to improve employability, to coaching for self-employment and long-term support. We promote the use of digital platforms and other IT solutions to make LaMI services more accessible, increasing the ability of employment services to reach the unemployed, those at risk of redundancy, and vulnerable or marginalised groups. 

Unlocking the power of partnerships

Private sector actors can be crucial to an effective LaMI system, especially when they complement existing public services and perform certain missing functions. These may be, for example, private job portals or organisations that take care of the integration of specific target groups, as well as private career counsellors or actors who support individuals on their way to self-employment. Swisscontact attaches great importance to involving private partners and helping them to perform these LaMI functions even better.

What we offer

Swisscontact works to ensure that the LaMI system is sustainably strengthened and made as resilient as possible by offering a variety of services. Through a diagnostic process, an optimal mix for the given context is identified from a wide range of possible measures and instruments. These can range from the provision of labour market information to career counselling; from targeted upskilling for improved employability to coaching for self-employment and lifelong learning support. Local actors, who are responsible for the long-term implementation of these instruments, are strengthened in a targeted manner, so that a jointly formulated vision becomes reality. 

Swisscontact's innovative solutions

Swisscontact’s interventions create better framework conditions, foster inclusive policies and build partner capacities. We support business model development and the launch of innovative labour market services and measures. We strengthen the flow of information relevant to the labour market and facilitate collaboration between LaMI system actors at various levels. 

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