Labour Market Insertion

Matching the needs of job seekers with the requirements of the labour market

Labour Market Insertion helps job seekers find productive employment or self-employment and get integrated into the labour market. Activities reach the unemployed, those at risk of redundancy, vulnerable or marginalized groups and Vocational Education Training graduates who are ready to enter the world of work.

Effective Labour Market Insertion services are tailored to meet both sets of needs: individual needs to access employment and self-employment opportunities, and enterprise needs so that enterprises have access to skilled and qualified workers. Labour Market Insertion services are delivered by public employment services or private service providers including NGOs, training providers and enterprises.

Swisscontact's Labour Market Insertion supports initiatives cover a wide range of measures and instruments ranging from providing information and guidance, individual services and skills development for improving employability, to coaching for self-employment and long-term coaching support.


Swisscontact's offer

Swisscontact promotes the use of digital platforms and ICT so that Labour Market Insertion services are more easily accessible. Where possible, labour market information such as job offers is disseminated through websites and social media, increasing the ability of Employment Services to reach marginalised groups. Initiatives are standalone projects or can be combined with Initial Vocational Education and Training activities to establish or strengthen employment services from training providers and increase the likelihoods that training will lead to productive employment or self-employment.

In its Labour Market Insertion projects, Swisscontact plays a facilitative and capacity-building role, bringing together private and public actors to jointly take ownership for delivering better and more relevant services. Employers benefit from labour market information and increased access to qualified candidates, while individuals have easier access to jobs.

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