Sustainable Tourism 

Balancing economic growth, environmental sustainability, gender equality and social inclusion 

The tourism and hospitality sectors have great potential for job creation and income generation. However, the historical reliance on ecologically damaging practices and prioritisation of foreign visitors over local culture and social inclusivity has resulted in high vulnerability to economic fluctuations influenced by global trends and markets. 

Swisscontact takes a systemic approach to fostering sustainable tourism, focusing on minimising negative impacts on the environment. We aim to promote economic benefits, empower local communities, preserve cultural heritage, mitigate climate change, and ensure long-term success and resilience. We collaborate with governments, destination managers, the private sector, training providers and community groups – together, building a form of tourism that benefits present and future generations. Our expertise in around 20 countries for more than 20 years, allows us to tackle the challenges of sustainable tourism on a global scale.

"The entire sustainability programme, from school through training and coaching up to verification had great impact on tourism in Wakatobi, particularly in the implementation of competitive and sustainable business practices after the pandemic. I’m happy that all six pilot hotels were able to implement the requirements conscientiously and pass the verification process. May this proven practice continue and serve as a fine example for other businesses."
Nadar, S.IP., M.Sc., Director of the Office of Tourism and Creative Economy as well as Advisor for implementation of the CHSE programme in Wakatobi/Indonesia

Expanding our reach

Swisscontact’s approach integrates demand-oriented analysis, visitor understanding, product development potential and sector interlinking. It guarantees the development of territories and tourism destinations that attract desired visitors, while ensuring competitive, sustainable and inclusive outcomes. Swisscontact addresses tourism development challenges in two ways: 

  • We encourage local stakeholders to take sustainable actions by providing them with training and coaching opportunities. 
  • We offer technical guidance in areas such as destination analysis and planning, product development and marketing, and organisational strengthening. 

Unlocking the power of partnerships

Swisscontact collaborates closely with various stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality sector, including public institutions, private entities, civil society, academia, and international organisations. Successful and sustainable tourism relies heavily on the entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector; that it may embrace sustainable behaviours, practices and commitments. This includes adopting environmentally-friendly measures and adhering to gender and social responsibilities and fair labour conditions. Swisscontact's projects enhance private and public sector engagement in supporting sustainable tourism development. 

What we offer

Our approach involves systemic thinking, which includes conducting integrated destination assessments to evaluate the socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts of tourism. We also focus on the capacity-building and skills development of local stakeholders, promoting market linkages and entrepreneurship opportunities within the private sector, and empowering communities to drive inclusive tourism development. By facilitating stakeholder collaboration, we aim to create better places for both current and future generations to live and visit. In addition, Swisscontact offers a comprehensive range of tailored advisory, training, and research services to address specific challenges in sustainable tourism development. These services are designed to support the entire tourism value chain. 

Swisscontact's innovative solutions

Swisscontact’s interventions create better enabling conditions, foster inclusive growth and maximise positive tourism impacts. We provide relevant solutions to achieve balanced tourism sector growth, by adopting circular economy practices within tourism businesses and destinations, taking regenerative approaches with the local communities, and mitigating climate and environmental risks. 

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Our expertise focuses on creating economic opportunities for our beneficiaries. It covers skills development, inclusive economic development, and climate change and food systems.