Swisscontact can draw on extended project experience in the field of migration and forced displacement. Migration is old as humankind, though people move for different reasons. We work with migrants in different socio-economical and geographical contexts, especially in the areas of returning migrants, diaspora engagement, and skills development for refugees.

Returning migrants face diverse challenges during their re-integration such as the struggle to adapt to the changed context as they have lost social ties and networks due to their long absence from home. Returnees can be roughly divided into two groups: voluntary returnees and forced returnees. Swisscontact (SC) works with both groups: in Central America mostly with people who were forced to return (deportees), in Eastern Europe with persons who return from abroad after their Schengen allowance has expired or they have been sent back by the police (informal labour migrants) and in South Asia with voluntary returnees.

In the projects in the Central American Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) SC seeks the productive reintegration of returning migrants through the introduction of certification of competences and skills in the construction and hospitality sector. In Eastern Europe, the returnees programme creates the basis for the reintegration and improvement of the livelihoods of the participants through tailored coaching processes and engagement of the civil society and private sector as active players in short and long-term labour market integration. In Nepal Swisscontact supports training service providers to offer economically viable and high-quality vocational training that meet labour market demands and are tailored to the needs of migrants returning from abroad. Furthermore, the program offers job-linkage activities and business support to returnees who want to become entrepreneurs.

Through a project in Tunisia and Switzerland Swisscontact aims at bringing the Tunisian diaspora on board for sustainable development in Tunisia and promoting circular migration of young professionals between Tunisia and other countries in Europe. Through the facilitation of knowledge transfer, SC fosters closer interaction between Tunisian experts abroad and local communities. The programme links Tunisian-rooted entrepreneurs, start-up founders and volunteer workers with possible finance platforms to secure funds for a long-term investment. The strengthening of the young professionals agreement (CH-Tunisia) focuses on enabling young Tunisian talents who have recently finished their studies to complete an internship in Switzerland. Furthermore, the project supports the Tunisian government to develop efficient government structures at the local, regional, and national levels and incorporates the concept of migration into the Tunisian policy framework.

In Kenia, Swisscontact is strengthening the income-generating capabilities of youth in Kakuma’s refugee and host communities through enhancing technical, financial, life and literacy skills for improved livelihoods. The project envisions increased youth self-reliance and sustainable contributions to conflict and human rights transformations.

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