Projects with the Private Sector

Examples of our projects where the private sector is brought on board to foster economic growth in various sectors, countries, and geographic contexts:
Initial vocational education and training
Dual vocational training model in Kenya
A dual, apprenticeship-based vocational education model with sustainable impact
Initial vocational education and training
High quality vocational training in Ukraine
Market oriented education and training thanks to private sector
Sustainable agriculture
Coffee as way of life in Honduras
Empowering coffee producers through training in human rights and the promotion of regenerative agriculture
Sustainable agriculture
Agroforestry systems for more sustainability and prosperity in Colombia
More sustainability and better cocoa quality 
Sustainable agriculture
Stronger Coffee Initiative in Indonesia
Optimizing data collection tools, farmer data analysis and introduction of coaching and trainings
Initial vocational education and training
High-quality healthcare services in rural areas in Bangladesh
Improving the health and living conditions of the local population
Sustainable agriculture, Trade
Sustainable cocoa production in Indonesia
A boom in the cocoa sector thanks to a public-private partnership
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Strengthening the dairy sector in Morocco
Field schools foster cooperation and entrepreneurship in Morocco