Project Case Studies

Examples of our projects where the private sector is brought on board to foster economic growth in various sectors, countries, and geographic contexts:
Sustainable agriculture, Trade
Sustainable Cocoa Production Programme
Over the course of ten years, the Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP) has grown into an initiative reaching 165,000 farmers and engaging the entire cocoa industry in Indonesia. The legacy of SCPP spans a spectrum of areas, such as productivity increase, poverty reduction and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions-at a time of significant upheaval in the cocoa sector in Indonesia.  
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
The Nestlé model village – inclusive and sustainable
Dairy farming in Morocco is facing a few challenges. The quality and quantity of milk per cow is limited, production fluctuates with the seasons, and because it is not a profitable business, many young people in villages do not continue the business of their forebears. Nestlé is working together with dairy businesses and applying its “joint...
Initial vocational education and training
Improving skills for young plumbers and electricians through dual apprenticeship training (PropelA)
The PropelA project seeks to introduce a dual apprenticeship model driven by employers for the construction industry in Kenya and beyond, starting with plumbers and electricians.
Initial vocational education and training
Public Private Partnership to Improved Plumbing Education 
The project fosters a decentralized education and vocational training system for plumbers supported by private sector investments enable young people to gain skills tailored to the needs of the market, enter the job market and achieve higher incomes. Unemployment among youth is a major national concern in Ukraine, where about 20% of youth are out...
Most producers in the Departments of El Paraíso, Valle and Choluteca do not manage to make their businesses successful, due principally to exploitation, inadequate harvesting practices and poor knowledge of the market. Fino de aroma cocoa is an alternative crop for coffee growers in El Paraiso, where 51,200 hectares of coffee plantations supply...
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Colombian Specialty Cocoa for the Swiss Sustainable Market (Cacao+Sostenible)
The project aims at triggering systemic changes and generate environmental, economic, and social impact in producer families and throughout the value chain by fostering innovations and services to adopt long-term commercial relationships between producers and consumers and to fulfill international sustainability and quality requirements. It...
Labour market insertion, Continuing Vocational Education and Training
Uttoron – Skills for better life
Uttoron strives to create easy access to training through effective Public Private Partnerships (PPP), bring innovation to the national skills sector and develop technical skills of disadvantaged youth through vocational training to ensure their well-being.