Advisory, Training and Research Services

Swisscontact offers customised consultancy and capacity development services. With our team of experts, we provide thematic guidance as well as strategic support across the project cycle and in team and organisational development.
Vocational education and training, up- and reskilling and labour market integration constitute the focus of our activities. In this way, we strengthen people's skills and employability through which they can secure their livelihoods and actively participate in society. Our Inclusive Economic Development services include national, regional and local economic development, tourism, trade, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. These services are underpinned by systemic change methodologies, including Market Systems Development and Inclusive Systems Development. 
Our service offer
Advisory: project scoping and design, market systems diagnostics, strategy development. | Research: impact measurement, evaluations, capitalisations, case studies | Training in MSD, skills development, and tailored.

Thematic consultants

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