Swisscontact has been present in Nicaragua since 1981, where it began with inclusive economic development and programmes to improve air quality. Swisscontact currently focuses on two main areas of intervention: vocational training and labour market insertion of young men and women, and developing the skills of urban and rural business owners in order to improve their income and generate employment. All of Swisscontact's interventions in Nicaragua involve both the public and private sectors. The activities are implemented under a systemic and integrative approach that seeks the sustainability of the initiatives supported, provides innovative solutions to the challenges and obstacles encountered and favours the integration of the different actors involved.

Facts and figures

  • Area: 130,373 km²
  • Population: 6.6 millon
  • Capital: Managua

Swisscontact in Nicaragua

  • since 1981


Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Skills Development Programme for Employability: Family Enterprise Programme in 15 municipalities of Las Segovias (PRODET)
The objective is to improve the living standard of living of 5,750 families involved in small businesses and workshops in fifteen municipalities of Las Segovias, by increasing their income and business, by promoting a favorable environment for economic development, capacity building and capitalising on value addition, transformation and marketing.
Benin, Bolivia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Laos, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Senior Expert Contact
Promoting entrepreneurship through expertise - Imparting technical skills through volunteer work Through their services, Senior Expert Contact (SEC) experts provide hands-on, direct support to companies and institutions in their efforts to grow.
Initial vocational education and training
Skills Development Programme to Increase Employability of Youth
In Nicaragua, there are 1.4 million working-age young people between the ages of 18 and 30 years; however, approximately 40% of the economically active youth do not have access to employment or do not earn a salary that meets the basic cost of living. This situation is further aggravated in rural areas and in urban peripheries where access to...


Initial vocational education and training
Good practices in housing construction in Nicaragua
A skills development programme in Nicaragua contributes to housing safety with a basic good practice guide for families and construction workers.
Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru
Training in Development of Inclusive Market Systems for 'Habitat for Humanity'
Swisscontact holds a training course on the Development of Inclusive Market Systems in San José, Costa Rica, from 9th to 13th December 2019. The workshop is conducted for Habitat for Humanity officials from Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru and is facilitated by Swisscontact's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Sven Gehlhaar,...
Country Director Nicaragua and El Salvador
Ricardo Javier Fernández


In Nicaragua, Swisscontact has been implementing projects since 1981, in the following thematic areas:  

  1. Vocational education and skills development 
  2. Insertion into the labour market 
  3. Improvement of qualifications and re-qualification 
  4. Sustainable agriculture 
  5. Sustainable Tourism development
  6. Trade facilitation
  7. Entrepreneurial ecosystem development


Swisscontact Nicaragua

Villa Fontana Sur, Restaurante el Zócalo 2 cuadras al sur, media cuadra al oeste, casa # 150. Managua, Nicaragua.