The private sector as Partner

For over 60 years, Swisscontact has been working with the private sector to foster sustainable development, incomes, and jobs in developing countries and emerging markets. We believe this collaboration enhances the impact and sustainability of our interventions. Together, we can achieve more.

An example is our partnership with the Hilti Foundation in Kenya. Over the past two years, the PropelA Project has developed a dual, apprenticeship-based education model for trade professions. It was developed in collaboration with leading local businesses and vocational schools, and has become a showcase model for all East Africa.

The purpose of the project is to equip the new generation with the professional skills needed in the construction sector, to enable them to find gainful employment.


Private Partners and their Contributions 2023

The video shows how Swisscontact works with the private sector to improve vocational training in developing and emerging countries.


Project Case Studies

A Solid Foundation: Promoting Vocational Education in the Ukrainian Construction Sector
Since March 2020, Swisscontact has been supporting the construction sector in Ukraine, in order to train qualified technicians. EdUP (Public-Private Partnership to Improved Professional Education in Ukraine) is designed to align the private-sector led vocational education system to the needs of the labour market, upgrading the training of tradespeople in the construction industry to meet EU standards.
An entrepreneurial Vision for Niger’s Digital Future
Niger ranks among the world’s poorest countries. Despite the Sahel region’s interior harbouring valuable raw materials, the majority of the country’s gross domestic product is earned in agriculture and the informal sector. Approximately 80 percent of the population survives on subsistence agriculture, and nearly half of Nigeriens live in extreme poverty. The goal of Swisscontact’s local entrepreneurship promotion programme (PROMEL) is to improve collaboration with institutional partners and the private sector, improving access to markets for businesses, and creating income opportunities for women and young people through educational qualifications.
Results and Impact 2023
A sustainability strategy with a solid foundation 
Financial Statement 2023