Morocco: Swiss expertise for sustainable tourism development

Sustainable tourism
The Switzerland-Morocco Sustainable Tourism Programme intends to foster the development of sustainable tourism in the provinces of Azilal and Beni Mellal, addressing competitiveness and value addition.

There are numerous impediments standing in the way of successful sustainable tourism: antiquated and not enough lodgings, neglected sites, the lack of qualified human resources, and no coordination between public and private sector actors. Special initiatives will help the provinces of Azilal and Béni take better advantage of what they have to offer, thus creating long-term employment and helping to mitigate the pressures of migration out of these rural areas (outmigration). The focus will be on sustainability to keep the negative social and environmental impacts of tourism to a minimum.

Sustainable tourism, locally rooted

One of these initiatives is the training curriculum offered to tourism sector workers, and it also improves the management skills of public and private sector actors. For this purpose, an action plan for sustainable tourism is being drafted and a platform is being set up for developing and coordinating activities at the local level.  

Additionally, the programme includes renovating rural lodgings and upgrading their infrastructure and facilities. Visitor management is being improved, and this includes, among other things, professional reception services.

Support to initial pilot lodgings

In the first phase, pilot lodgings (Chez Saddyia et Mustapha, Gîte Imarin and Gîte Ajougal) were selected for testing a new investment mechanism that provides technical and financial support to renovations and create new tourism products.  

To achieve our programme objectives, it is important to bring local cooperatives and associations on board. The programme facilitates the teaching of essential management and marketing skills, supporting the development of products and services that meet tourists’ expectations and needs.

The global standards for sustainable tourism developed by the Global Sustainable Council for Tourism (GSTC) serve as a guideline for all initiatives.

Abdelali Nadir's «Gîte Aoujgal» after the renovation
Saadiya at the new reception 


The activities are aimed at the entire tourism value chain:

The programme is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) with a contribution from the Moroccan state.

Sustainable tourism
Switzerland-Morocco Sustainable Tourism Programme
The Swiss-Moroccan sustainable tourism programme aims to support the provinces of Azilal and Beni Mellal in developing sustainable tourism with integrated sectors in order to reduce poverty, create income and new jobs and improve existing jobs, particularly for young people and women.