Green Office

A Green Office committee was formed by the SMT with participation from members across the different projects and departments. The committee had the mandate to think about ways how we can make our office and programme/project operations more environmental friendly. 

Swisscontact would like to share the 5 objectives and the key activities in the Green Office initiative that have been identified to make our office and projects even more sustainable:

  • Objective 1: Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Objective 2: Reduction of paper
  • Objective 3: Reduction of plastic
  • Objective 4: Reduction of pollution
  • Objective 5: Sharing of knowledge

Sustainability starts at the individual level, that is why we need your support. Please click here to find the proposed activities of the Green Office initiative including the Green Hotel and Restaurants that we will be using (as far as possible) in the days to come.  

To make this initiative a huge success, please keep in mind that our proposed activities to ensure sustainability needs to become part of our daily lives at home and work.

The Green Office Committee member are just the focal point and will report to the committee on how activities are being implemented within their objectives. They are NOT responsible for ensuring that the objectives are being met. The responsibility lies with each one of us. So, let us help each other to implement the activities outlined in the objectives.


Retreat with a Cause: #GreenOffice
Swisscontact Cambodia’s ‘Retreat with a Cause’ builds team camaraderie and bolsters its green office initiative by planting 50 rosewood and monkey pod wood trees and cleaning up approximately 65 kilograms of trash and litter from a 2-kilometer stretch of road inside the Kirirom National Park during the annual staff retreat.