Retreat with a Cause #ILoveTheBeach   

Green cities
Swisscontact Cambodia’s ‘Retreat with a Cause’ builds team camaraderie and bolsters its green office initiative. This year’s theme for the retreat was “I love the beach",  whereby Swisscontact Cambodia in collaboration with the Sihanoukville City Administration helped clean up the popular Ochheuteal II Beach  in Sihanoukville.  

Swisscontact Cambodia held its 2023 Annual Staff Retreat at Sihanoukville, from March 22nd to March 24th, 2023, with the objective to thank and show appreciation for one another for the excellent work that was done together in the past years and to generate lessons learnt for moving forward in 2023. 

The Swisscontact Cambodia colleagues enjoyed their retreat in Sihanoukville. The retreat organizing committee was able to bring together people from different projects within Swisscontact Cambodia and deepen their relationships through various team building games and activities. These group activities helped in being acquainted with colleagues outside of work, learn personal passions, and improved camaraderie between colleagues from different projects.  

"Immersing myself in the staff retreat was one of the happiest moments in my life. I enjoyed the balance between fun team building activities and sharing of our project achievements while expressing our appreciation towards one another. I was pleased to participate in the cleanup of the beach along with my colleagues that has demonstrated our commitment to the preservation of the environment and the green office initiative. "
Pounlok Sour, Project Manager  Digital Learning Materials for TVET (DLM4TVET)

Furthermore, the various presentations also helped staff to learn more about one another’s project, its objectives and the intended impact. Furthermore, it helped deepen the connections between staff from various projects and helped in building a sense of camaraderie between staff. 


This year’s retreat was also organized under the theme ‘I Love the Beach’ to bolster Swisscontact Cambodia’s green office initiative. Sihanoukville, a popular site for tourism in Cambodia gets a lot of visitors, and so, faces issues with littering and trash management especially in the beach areas. Therefore, to augment the green office initiative, the retreat committee organized a beach cleanup initiative in collaboration with the Sihanoukville City Administration. So, on the last day of the retreat, the Swisscontact Cambodia team spent the morning hours to clean the popular Ochheuteal Beach by collecting and ensuring proper disposal of plastic and other litter in and around the beach.