We create opportunities

We are a leading organisation in the implementation of international development projects.
We promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies.
What we offer
Vocational education and training, retraining and labour market integration constitute a focus of our activities.

In business promotion, we focus our work on five economic sectors with the best chances for sustainable development.
Global Results and Impact
To make our processes more efficient and for our own continuous improvement, Swisscontact applies systematic impact measurement. Our uniform results monitoring and measurement in various projects are integral elements of Swisscontact project management and quality assurance.
How we work
We implement our projects in adherence to clearly defined working principles.
Annual Report 2021
Learn more about the countries in which Swisscontact creates opportunities.
Stories from the field
These are the stories from all over the world that inspire us in our journey to promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development
Our development programme is the centrepiece of Swisscontact.It encompasses about 30 projects in over 20 countries. In the development programme we test new ideas and further develop existing innovations that have been proven effective over time. We link Swiss and international actors from the public and private sector as well as academia. In this way the programme supports cross-sectoral approaches and cooperation.  

Our expertise

We strengthen the competencies of people, increase the competitiveness of enterprises and foster the inclusiveness of social and economic systems.