Latdaphone Vongkhamheng

Acquisition Manager

Senior Management Team (SMT)

Latdaphone Vongkhamheng joined Swiscontact in September 2018, currently she is a project Manager of the Digital Literacy Initiative (DLI) project based in country office at Vientiane. In 2014, she had the opportunity to complete her Master’s degree in Business Administration in New Zealand. She has 4 years experiences in the tourism industry. Previously, she started her career in the tourism industry as Travel Consultant, Reservation Manager and Product Specialist for a well-known travel agency in Vientiane. Since 2017, she continued her career in project development as Public Relation and Project Coordinator for the Trade Facility Development II by the World Bank and as a short-term consultant for E-commerce Readiness Assessment Project implemented by UNCTAD.