Support for the development and evaluation of productive projects to reinstate former members of the Farc-EP

The national government, through the Agency for the Reinstatement and Normalization aims to reinstate the ex-combatants of the FARC-EP into civilian life and thus supports the development of productive projects with an average investment of 8 million per ex-combatant, which will allow them to generate legal income. To guarantee the success of the reinstatement and the non-repetition of criminal behaviors, these economic and productive initiatives must be sustainable in the short, medium and long term.

Strengthen the development opportunities and income generation of the reinstated population, based on the long-term sustainable productive activities that will improve their economic sustainability and social integration.

Core area:

  • Technical assistance to assess the viability of both individual and collective projects.
  • Recommendation to project beneficiaries.
Bogotá, colombia
Project duration
2019 - 2020
Financed by
  • Innpulsa Colombia – Fondo Colombia en Paz

The project

This project, implemented by Swisscontact, aims to support the Government’s efforts by strengthening the feasibility of these productive initiatives, beginning with the formulation and evaluation of the projects. Technical advice is provided from the planning stage of the productive projects, identifying market opportunities for these projects from a value chain approach. Since many of the beneficiaries live in isolated rural areas of difficult access and low infrastructure with few public services, they often present a challenge that can constrain the viability of the projects.

The Agency for the Reinstatement and Normalization (ARN) has identified 40 collective projects and 500 individual projects. The most relevant production projects have to do with livestock, coffee and fish farming. These projects are accompanied by Swisscontact with a team of specialized consultants in each production line who also have experience in the market component.

Project partner

  • INNPULSA Colombia- ARN – Fondo Colombia en Paz


• 329 individual productive projects formulated out of 500 submitted.

• 28 collective (associative) projects out of 40 to be evaluated.