Project studies


Case Study: Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP) -english

Rejuvenation of Indonesian Cocoa Farms: Boosting Productivity and Sustainability by Raisin Superior Cacao Seedlings in Commercial Farmer-led Nurseries -english

Stok Karbon SCPP dan Jejak Karbon di Sektor Kakao Indonesia -Bahasa

Pecticide Baseline Report - The Pesticide baseline Report analyzes the use of pesticides by 100b000+ cocoa farmers in Indonesia -english

Good Nutritional Practices - Impact Study -english

Access to Finance for Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia -english

Komponen GNP dala Sustainable Cocoa Production Program - Sebuah Pembelajaran dari Sulawesi -Bahasa

Savings Intervention Report - This report summarizes SCPP's innovative approach on increasing cocoa farmers savings by using behavioral science insights. -english