"Now I am able to be a good teacher" - Yasmani Menoza's success story

Labour market insertion
Yasmani Mendoza has been working in construction for more than 18 years. For him, training is a crucial part of becoming a better teacher, which is why he trained with the cement company UNACEM, through the Capeco Institute.

When Yasmani was presented with the opportunity to be trained in the construction of footings, columns, beams and slabs, he did not hesitate. He knows that in order to stay current and improve in his field of work, training is essential. Yasmani took the six modules that comprised this course offered by UNACEM. The alliance between the training institute and the cement company was promoted by the Construya project in Peru.

Master builder Yasmani Mendoza analyses a construction plan.
"What motivates me most in construction is to perfect myself as a teacher, and not to be just another teacher in the crowd."

His 18 years of experience as a master builder doing so-called confined masonry have provided him with solid field experience. However, Yasmani wanted to learn more in depth about the procedures included in the first stages of construction. 

"What I learnt most from these trainings was the procedure of materials to start a civil construction. I have applied it before, but not as confidently as I do now. Thanks to this training, I instantly feel more confident that I am doing it right."

Thanks to this training, Yasmani says he feels more confident in his work and recommends that all master builders be trained.

Yasmani's story is one of the many success stories thanks to the partnership with training entities and companies in the construction sector. In the second phase of the project, more than 4000 construction workers were trained in good construction practices. Thanks to the training, these master builders have improved their construction practices and have become teachers to their peers. The higher quality of their work is reflected in their increased income as a result.

The Construya project is financed by the Hilti Foundation. This project is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, co-financed by the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).

Upskilling and Reskilling
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