Partnership between M4C and BARI for Advancing Agricultural Development in the Char Areas of Bangladesh

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) has partnered with the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) to promote char-suitable crop varieties and agricultural technologies, in a bid to support and improve farming practices and increase yields in the char areas of Bangladesh.

Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance agricultural development in the char areas of Bangladesh.

The MoU, signed on April 10th, aims to promote char-suitable crop varieties, cultivation, post-harvest technologies, and modern agricultural information, which will help char farmers improve their farming practices and increase their yields.

Dr. Md. Ayub Hossain, Director of Training and Communication Wing, BARI, Gazipur, and Md. Abdul Majid PhD, Joint Director- RDA , Project Director- M4C; In-Charge- CDRC, Bogura, signed the MoU. The event was graced by several senior officers of BARI, including Dr. Debasish Sarker, Director General (DG), BARI, Gazipur and Abdullah Al Mamun PhD, Additional Director General (ADG) of Rural Development Academy, Bogura.

Improved agricultural knowledge for farmers

Under the partnership, M4C and BARI will work together to promote quality seeds of new varieties, including oil seeds, pulses, and spices, and to transfer improved agricultural knowledge and skills to M4C's targeted areas through its Trader-Outgrowers' Schemes (TOS) and by developing the local service providers.

The collaboration also aims to introduce new farming techniques, such as seed and seedling production, improved cultivation and post-harvest practices, processing techniques, appropriate agricultural machinery/equipment, and new crops, to the char farmers. By doing so, M4C and BARI hope to make these resources available for the farmers, improve their livelihoods and support the growth of the agricultural sector in the char areas of Bangladesh.

M4C is committed to making markets work for the char farmers and has been working tirelessly towards this goal. This partnership with BARI is another step towards achieving this goal and ensuring that the farmers receive the best support and resources to improve their livelihoods.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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