Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) and National Char Alliance (NCA) Join Forces to Boost Char-Centric Policy Environment

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The National Char Alliance (NCA) and Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to advocate for char-dwellers' needs and foster policy improvements, aiming to enhance the lives and livelihoods of Bangladesh's char dwellers through effective collaboration.
MoU Signing Ceremony - Collaborative Efforts to Foster an Enabling Char-Centric Policy Environment

In a significant step towards improving the lives and livelihoods of the char-dwellers in Bangladesh, the NCA and M4C have signed a MoU aimed at facilitating an enabling policy environment for char-relevant services, investments, and infrastructures.

The MoU was officially inked in Dhaka at the NCA office, and it underscores the commitment of both organisations to collaborate closely in advocating for the needs of char dwellers and influencing policymakers for the sustainable development of char regions.

Over the years, M4C has successfully intervened in the char region, improving the livelihoods of its inhabitants. This phase of the project, which began in January 2021, covers 27 Upazila in six districts, including both northern and southern regions. However, M4C recognised the need to advocate for expanding public services to char areas and ensuring the sustained availability of quality agricultural inputs and services through partnerships with various public and private sector actors.

To address these needs, M4C sought to collaborate with the NCA, a multi-organisation platform hosted by Unnayan Shamannay (UnSy). NCA has a long history of evidence-based advocacy to improve the lives and livelihoods of char-dwellers throughout Bangladesh. This partnership aims to increase awareness among public service providers, influence policymakers, advocate for char-related issues, and establish effective government char institutions.

The MoU outlines the commitment of both organisations to work together effectively to create a more conducive policy environment for char development. It includes provisions for sharing research findings and knowledge, as well as conducting joint advocacy events to raise awareness about char-related challenges.

The MoU was signed by Abdul Awal, Team Leader of M4C, and Abdullah Nadvi, Director Research of UnSy, Secretariat of NCA representing their respective organisations. Witnesses Zahid Rahman, Member Secretary of NCA, and Dr. Md. Mahabub Hasan, Member of NCA, Tawhidul Islam, Sr. Manager, IKM and MRM, and Tahrima Ahmed Trishna, Senior Officer, Public Sector Engagement also signed the agreement, solidifying the commitment of all parties involved.

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by key figures, including Dr. Atiur Rahman, Founder Chairman of NCA, and Mujibul Cezanne Hasan, Country Director of Swisscontact Bangladesh. Also present were Sudhangshu Shekhar Biswas, Government Relations Advisor for M4C at Swisscontact, and Shaheen Ul Alam, Head of Programs at Unnayan Shamannay. This gathering emphasises the importance of the partnership in advocating for the welfare of char-dwellers in Bangladesh.

With this partnership, NCA and M4C aim to combine their expertise and resources to create a brighter future for char dwellers in Bangladesh, ensuring that their needs are heard, and their development is prioritised. The MoU represents a significant step toward achieving these shared goals and fostering collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders to uplift char regions across the country.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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