Key Stakeholders Unite at a Meet and Greet event to mark the BYETS Project’s successful partnership with RMG factories

Upskilling and Reskilling
As of March 2024, the Building Youth Employability Through Skills (BYETS) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully partnering with 33 readymade garment factories. The project integrates the necessary expertise and resources essential for the implementation of a robust Workplace-Based Training (WBT) system. As BYETS continues to advance, the Meet and Greet Event was designed and arranged to play as a key catalyst, positioning the project to capitalise on enhanced collaboration and overall engagement with its partner factories.
To strengthen partnerships with the private sector, the BYETS project held a successful "Meet and Greet" event with partnered factories. 

An interactive “Meet and Greet” Event was hosted by BYETS on February 20, 2024, which aimed to strengthen collaboration among project partner factories in the Readymade Garment (RMG) sector and experts specialising in WBT. This engaging and collaborative gathering served as a pivotal platform where industry representatives shared their opinions about the efforts of the BYETS project to create a skilled workforce for the RMG sector. It also provided a floor for discussion on the future work scopes. Representative from BYETS project’s development partner, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, attended the event. It also drew participation from twenty-three RMG factories and five international and national Consultancy Service Providers (CSPs).

Md. Kamruzzaman, a representative from UTAH Knit Ltd., expressed his viewpoint, stating, “Commitment from factory management is essential for the sustainable development of the training system. Therefore, it is crucial to recruit, train, and retain workers effectively. To make BYETS implementation sustainable, the factories should have a retention plan to capture the impact of the WBT system.”

BYETS project is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) and implemented by Swisscontact. The project has a target of establishing WBT system at 50 employers to upskill 15,000 workers in the Agro Processing (AP) and RMG sectors. Simultaneously, it aims to support 20 Training Service Providers and enrol 10,000 youths in market-driven training in two key sectors, namely Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Agro Processing (AP), across Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, and Rajshahi divisions.

Upskilling and Reskilling, Labour market insertion
Building Youth Employability through Skills (BYETS)
The Building Youth Employability through Skills (BYETS) project will empower Bangladeshi youth with improved technical, employability and entrepreneurial skills, and connect them to income generating opportunities: jobs and self-employment. BYETS will partner with Training Service Providers (TSPs), government, industry, and employers to create a conducive environment for the targeted youth that would facilitate employment opportunities for them.