Honourable State Minister Engages in Dialogue with Farmers and Micro-entrepreneurs in Char Purba Isli and SKS Bazar, Gangachara, Rangpur

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
The Honorable State Minister of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development, and Cooperatives, Mr. Md. Abdul Wadud, MP, embarked on a transformative journey to witness firsthand the M4C interventions. His engagement with farmers and micro-entrepreneurs in Char Purba Isli and SKS Bazar in Gangachara Upazila on May 11th, 2024, epitomised a commitment to progress. During the visit, he observed an improved portable storage facility and various entrepreneurial initiatives by M4C which underscored a dedicated effort to understand the grassroots impact.

During his visit to Gangachara Upazila, the Honorable State Minister of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development, and Cooperatives, Mr. Md. Abdul Wadud, MP, observed collaborative efforts supporting quality input products, climate-smart nurseries, tailoring, artificial insemination, and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) like ESDO, fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within char communities. Additionally, he inspected the storage facility constructed under the M4C project, emphasising its significance in ensuring food security and resilience against climatic adversities. He also engaged with farmers and micro-entrepreneurs, exchanging views on the challenges they face. He also expressed gratitude for the contributions of M4C, Swisscontact, and the Swiss Government, alongside recognising the efforts of RDA and the GoB. He stated, “Our collaborative efforts with organisations like Swisscontact exemplify our dedication to making markets work for the most vulnerable communities." Mr. Khurshid Iqbal Rezvi, Director General of the Rural Development Academy, focused on M4C’s role in fostering entrepreneurial growth, while Mr. Asaduzzaman Bablu, MP, Rangpur-1,  stressed supporting local entrepreneurship to drive economic growth and reduce poverty in char communities.

Mr. Md. Abdul Wadud's visit resonated the essence of collaborative endeavours in advancing economic empowerment and sustainable progress within geographically isolated char communities. It served as a testament to the enduring commitment of stakeholders towards nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering resilience among char dwellers, paving the path for a brighter tomorrow.

M4C is a project mandated by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh and the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives implemented by Swisscontact and Rural Development Academy, Bogura.

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Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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