GATF Executive Director Explores Digitalisation Prospects at Bhomra and Benapole Land Ports

GATF and Swisscontact officials visited Bhomra and Benapole Land Ports in Bangladesh, analysing digitalisation's effects on trade facilitation and efficiency. The visit aims to streamline operations, opportunity to implement an e-port management system, and enhance cross-border procedures.

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) and Swisscontact officials conducted a field visit to Bhomra and Benapole Land Ports in Bangladesh following the successful launch of the Digitalisation of border procedures at Bhomra Land Port. Led by Philippe Isler, Executive Director of the Alliance, the visit aimed to understand the current operations and potential improvements resulting from the digitalisation of the port management system. At Bhomra Land Port, Mr. Isler engaged in productive discussions with stakeholders, including the Deputy Director, land port officials, law enforcement personnel, and management of clearing and forwarding agents. The meeting focused on fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors, outlining the digitisation plan, analysing potential impacts, identifying related challenges and opportunities. The session also included a tour of the port to observe the consignment management systems in place.

The visit also included a stop at Benapole Port, the busiest and most modernised land port in Bangladesh. A meeting with port officials took place to understand the best practices of port management and gain insights into the administrative system and digitised processes implemented at Benapole Land Port. 

The overarching goal of the DBLP project is to streamline and improve border procedures at land ports in Bangladesh. It aims to develop and implement an integrable, inclusive, and replicable e-port management system, substantially reducing the time required for port procedures and positively impacting the functions of border agencies, including Customs. The project will also provide a significant boost to importers, exporters, and smaller businesses, facilitating their participation in cross-border trade. Overall, the field visit conducted by the Alliance and Swisscontact allowed for a comprehensive assessment of Bhomra and Benapole Land Ports, advancing efforts to enhance trade facilitation and promote efficient cross-border procedures in Bangladesh.

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