The Hilti Foundation at Villa María del Triunfo: exploring the progressive housing ecosystem

Upskilling and Reskilling
On May 8th, Matthias Gillner, Chairman of Hilti Foundation, and Melinda Sasfi, Strategic Project Manager of Hilti Foundation, visited the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo in Lima, Peru.

Hilti Foundation representatives interacted with the main actors of the progressive housing ecosystem, master builders, families and hardware stores in this district to learn first-hand about this reality.

Matthias Gillner, Chairman of the Hilti Foundation, getting to know the reality of progressive construction from the local master builders' own words.

The visit was carried out in the framework of the projects Construya Perú - Swisscontact as well as Vivienda Progresiva - VIPRO, the latter in alliance with Habitat for HumanityTECHOHilti FoundationONU-Habitat and Miyamoto International

Representatives of Hilti Foundation, together with the working teams of the Construya Perú and Vivienda Progresiva projects.

These projects are funded by the Hilti Foundation.

Upskilling and Reskilling
Peru: Promotion of Safe, Sound and Sustainable Construction Practices in Vulnerable Urban Areas (Construya)
Accelerated urbanization, a lack of urban planning and a significant housing deficit have generated an increasing number of informal dwellings. It is estimated that 500,000 homes and more than 700,000 people in Lima live in conditions that place them at high-risk of earthquakes and tsunamis, making Peru one of the countries most likely to...