Experts for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Visit Project Implementation Areas

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
On July 2, 2022, Regional DRR Advisor of Swiss Development Corporation (SDC), Eveline Studer visited Making Markets Work for the Jamuna, Padma, and Teesta Chars (M4C) project areas in the Rangpur district. Another visit was paid by Christina Grünewald, Advisor, Environmental Responsibility, Swisscontact. The visit took place in Bagura, Gaibandha, and Rangpur districts in the first week of August. The aim was to observe the DRR-relevant field activities implemented by M4C. 

Bangladesh is among the countries which are most vulnerable to disasters because of its geographic location and frequent climate risk. Disaster risk reduction (DRR) aims to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risks and manage residual risk, all of which contribute to strengthening resilience. M4C has been addressing DRR from the beginning of Phase I to the extent possible.

During Eveline’s visit, the team traveled to Char Salapak village in Gazaghonta, Gangachara, Rangpur where discussions with char farmers and service providers such as Trader Out-growers Scheme (TOS) were held. She also met A R Malik Seeds demo farmers and marker development officers, microfinance (SLP/ME) loan recipients from ESDO, bull fattening household supported by Eskayef, CDRC nursery, tailoring household, and compost activities. She also observed fodder production. Her discussion with crop farmers engaged in Sandbar crop cultivation practices, vegetable cultivation, and promotion of cold, and hail tolerant varieties. She visited AIC’s activities with representatives of AR Malik, ACCL, PCL, and Pumpkin Plus.

The next visit of Christina was initiated by a meeting with Petrochem in Dhaka. The team then visited Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bagura, and had a meeting with the Project Director of M4C focusing on CDRC’s initiatives. The following day, the team traveled to Gaibandha and visited the chili storage and seedling demo in Muniar Char, Islampur, and Fulchori ghat. On 3rd August, a workshop and a meeting were organized with traders, LSPs, Input sellers, etc. of Gaibandha and Rangpur districts respectively.

Both the visits were accompanied by the members of the Embassy of Switzerland, the M4C team, representatives from CDRC, and implementing partners and were concluded with a debrief meeting.

M4C is a project mandated by the Embassy of Switzerland and Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives, Government of Bangladesh, and is implemented by Swisscontact Bangladesh and Rural Development Academy (RDA)- Bagura.


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Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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