Exciting Collaboration: BYETS and AFISC Join Forces for Empowering the Agro-Food Industry

Upskilling and Reskilling, Labour market insertion
A groundbreaking partnership between the Building Youth Employability Through Skills (BYETS) project and the Agro-Food Industry Skills Council (AFISC). This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter in our mission to empower the agro-food sector and create meaningful opportunities for the youth. 

In an exciting development, the BYETS project and the Agro-Food Industry Skills Council (AFISC) have signed an MoU on June 7, 2023, to take the initiative of providing youth with in-demand skills to a whole new level. This partnership aims to identify areas where the agro-food industry needs new Competency Standards (CS) and curriculums, keeping up with emerging technologies and trends.

By collaborating closely, BYETS and AFISC will address the skills gap in rapidly growing sectors like meat processing, dairy, jute, and more. The joint effort also involves seeking approval for the developed curriculum from the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA). Through this newly established partnership, AFISC will bring its expertise and technical guidance to BYETS, facilitating the identification of market-driven training programs tailored specifically for the agro-food industry. This strategic alliance aims to bridge the skills gap and equip young individuals with the competencies needed to excel in this thriving sector.

Moreover, AFISC's insights and recommendations will not only add value to the collaboration but also assist in aligning the project's objectives and outputs with the government's priorities. This synchronization ensures a more extensive impact and contributes to the nation's overall development goals.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Md. Shafiqa Rahman Bhuiyan, Chairman of AFISC, highlighted the significance of enhancing the skills of the Agro-food processing workforce. He stated, "It's not just about improving economic outcomes; it's about empowering communities, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring food security for generations to come." Mr. Bhuiyan expressed his gratitude to the BYETS project for taking the lead in developing a skilled workforce for the industry.

BYETS aims to empower Bangladeshi youth with enhanced technical, employability, and entrepreneurial skills, connecting them to income-generating opportunities such as jobs and self-employment. The project plans to enroll 25,000 youth, including 50% women, in training programs across three sectors—Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Readymade Garments (RMG), and Agro Processing (AP)—spanning four divisions: Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, and Rajshahi.

The future looks promising as BYETS and AFISC combine their strengths, fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and paving the way for a vibrant agro-food industry. Together, they aim to empower youth, create sustainable employment opportunities, and elevate the status of this crucial sector.

Upskilling and Reskilling, Labour market insertion
Building Youth Employability through Skills (BYETS)
The Building Youth Employability through Skills (BYETS) project will empower Bangladeshi youth with improved technical, employability and entrepreneurial skills, and connect them to income generating opportunities: jobs and self-employment. BYETS will partner with Training Service Providers (TSPs), government, industry, and employers to create a conducive environment for the targeted youth that would facilitate employment opportunities for them.