Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN): Mapping Four of Six Pillars of Isenberg’s Model of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
On 14 September, 42 participants from 22 members organizations from government agencies, development partners and ecosystem builders among others, came together to attend the “Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN)” quarterly meeting.

EBN is an initiative within the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building (EEB) Project jointly implemented by Khmer Enterprises, WeAct and swisscontact. The members of the EBN deep dived to map out concrete programs/activities of 6 pillars of Isenberg’s Model of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and discussed and identified specific areas of synergy and collaboration opportunities among EBN members. The members also discussed and provided input of the draft shared vision and mission to support Cambodia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. A shared vision and mission will be finalized by early November.

The event was covered by the following media:

Third Cambodian Ecosystem Builders Network focuses on mapping four of the six pillars of Isenberg’s Model of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem | Cambodia Investment Review


Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building
The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems by deepening trust-based relationship among the system’s actors that will help to strengthen an enabling environment for entrepreneurial networks to form high quality connections to support entrepreneurship.