Diversifying Flower Farming in Bangladesh – A Testament to Sustainability Promised by Katalyst

Sustainability is key to market systems development and the flower cluster in Godkhali and Jashore of Bangladesh is the result of sustainability. 

Developing sustainable market systems

Katalyst is one of the most effective initiatives for creating market systems, both in Bangladesh and internationally. The initiative was essential in establishing cutting-edge technologies and developing business concepts for establishing sustainable market systems. Katalyst used modern instruments, such as the systemic change measurement framework for micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) and farmers, in selected urban and rural sectors. This framework entails customising projects in a methodical and convenient manner based on the suggestions of direct beneficiaries as well as facilitating with sustainable models for big scale long-term impact (to learn more about our work, click here).

Supporting the flower cluster in Godkhali and Jashore

Katalyst, the flagship market systems development project implemented by Swisscontact in Bangladesh facilitated interventions to support the flower cluster which included diversifying flower farming by introducing varieties such as gerbera, gladiolus and lilium along with improved cultivation and harvesting techniques. The project has assisted the flower growers in Godkhali and Jashore in raising their living standards while also developing their technical expertise in flower production methods and introducing new flower varieties.

Lasting impact of the Katalyst project

Even after 12 years of the project, the results of the interventions that aided in the establishment of the flower cluster are still visible. Currently, many different types of flowers are available for purchase and sent from this site to other parts of Bangladesh for commercial uses. Flower farmers have adopted modern technologies and business strategies, and their thriving flower sector is due to a stable market system.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Labour market insertion
Improving Business, Improving Lives.

Between 2000 and 2017, Katalyst has benefitted 4.69 million SMEs and farmers with an income increase in USD 689 million. It is the largest market development project in South Asia.