Community Paramedic Services Begin at Char Deluyabari in Gaibandha

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Under the health piloting intervention of the “Making Markets Work for The Chars (M4C)” project of Swisscontact Bangladesh, the community visit began at Deluyabari char of Gaibandha through selected Community Paramedics (CP) on the 21st of September 2022. An MBBS doctor also accompanied the CP during the visit for a hands-on demonstration of antenatal care (ANC) service delivery. 

Alongside consulting, the service providers gave the prescription to twenty (20) pregnant women in the community. Most of the anticipating mothers were at their later stage (between ANC 3 and ANC 4) of pregnancy. Almost none of them completed ANC 1 and ANC 2 or visited a doctor during their pregnancy period so far. The service providers discussed the importance of consuming nutritious food and iron/calcium supplements for the healthy growth of both mother and child. They also raised awareness of safe delivery among pregnant mothers and advised institutional delivery to minimise the risk of post-delivery complications.

The char community is deprived of adequate healthcare services, despite the increase in char people’s income now influencing their healthcare decisions. Through the initialisation of this service, basic diagnoses such as blood, pressure, sugar, weight, pupil for anemia, and temperature measurement were performed. The necessity of regular diagnosis and evidence-based treatment for patients, especially pregnant mothers, was also discussed.

The second visit took place on 28th September 2022 at Baje Fulchari, in Fulchari Upazila led by Momena Akter. Twenty-five (25) pregnant mothers were given medication and care. Followed by this the third visit took place on 16th October 2022 at Bajetelkupi village, Khatiamari, Fazlulpur Union, Fulchari Upazila led by Taramoni Akter. Both visits were accompanied by MBBS doctors with a view to capacity-building of the CP.

Rashida Begum, CP of the first visit stated that this initiative brought the ever-needed health care services into the grip of char dwellers’ hand. The pregnant mothers did not have any concept of Antenatal care and did not have any self-care awareness before the visit took place; It is lucrative for both parties as the CPs are also getting recognition through the visits Momena Akter added to it.

M4C is a project mandated by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh and the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives implemented by Swisscontact and Rural Development Academy, Bogura.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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