Collaboration to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal's Province 1

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
In partnership with Idea Studio Nepal, Sahaj organized the opening ceremony for "Collaboration to Foster the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Province 1” on 25th August 2021, launching a capacity-building workshop on incubation management.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Yadav Koirala, Vice-Chancellor of Purbanchal University, mentioned that all representing organizations should be motivated and excited to establish the incubation centre. The university is excited to host the incubation centre too.

Likewise, Dr Tshering Lama, the Executive Chairperson of Idea Studio Nepal, highlighted that policy, practice, knowledge roles, and function all make a successful and sustainable business incubation centre. He added, "The presence from the government side, business association, and the academic side coming together with ownership to set up business incubation is an achievement for us. The business association will back up the functioning and mentoring part, and the government will look into the process and advocate for the policies that will help start-ups and agribusinesses in the long run." 

The President of Morang Merchant Association, Prakash Mundala, also assured their investment in those incubation centre's business ideas which are ready to hit the market. Then, Mr Pashupati Pokhrel from the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture & Cooperative highlighted the importance of incubation centres to foster innovation.

Representatives from all organizations mentioned, as well as from the province 1 chapter of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, participated in the ceremony. Idea Studio Nepal further facilitated three days of training for facilitators on business incubation.

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