Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN)

Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN) is an initiative within the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building (EEB) Project, which is jointly funded by Khmer Enterprise, USAID’s WE Act Project through Pact Cambodia and Swisscontact. The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems by deepening trust-based relationship among the system’s actors and engage joint activities with like-minded partners and organizations to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and foster best practices in this field that will help to make the overall system stronger. This will help to strengthen an enabling environment for entrepreneurial networks to form high quality connections to support entrepreneurship and improve entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The initiative is focused on development partners, ecosystem builders, and government agencies to catalyze the efforts to bring about meaningful change to build entrepreneurial ecosystems. This creates a space through which development partners, ecosystem builders and government agencies can learn more about each other’s program and identify market gaps and opportunities. This enables development partners and ecosystem builders to design the programs in filling market gaps as well as enhance collaboration between system’s actors. Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN) events are being organized quarterly in 2022.
On 14 September, 42 participants from 22 members organizations from government agencies, development partners and ecosystem builders among others, came together to attend the “Ecosystem Builders Network (EBN)” quarterly meeting.
Programs/Activities of the “Support and Finance” among the 6 pillars of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Ecosystem Builders Network Kicks off