Collaboration Pillar

To foster stronger and more effective partnerships among the actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the collaboration pillar implements three brands: Give a Day, Ecosystem Builder Network (EBN), and Cambodia’s Ecosystem Strengthening Conference (CAMESO). These initiatives help to build trust, share knowledge, and coordinate actions among the ecosystem actors.


The Collaboration pillar of Enhancing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Investment (3Ei) initiative is borne out of the success of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building Project (EEB) (2022) that aimed to address the challenges of weak and fragmented coordination among ESOs and ecosystem builders. The EEB project was funded by Khmer Enterprise, USAID’s WE Act Project through Pact Cambodia and Swisscontact and, implemented by Swisscontact.

Give a Day
Give a Day is organized monthly meetings to provide a platform for ESOs in the Cambodian entrepreneurial ecosystem to deeply explore critical issues and foster peer-to-peer learning.   
The Ecosystem Builder Network (EBN) organizes quarterly meetings to foster collaboration and information exchange among development partners, government agencies, and ecosystem builders. These gatherings provide a platform for participants to learn about each other's programs, identify market gaps, and explore opportunities. Consequently, this facilitates the design of targeted programs and enhances collaboration between the system’s actors.
Cambodia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Strengthening Conference (CAMESO) is an annual event for the Cambodian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that aims to serve as a platform to connect relevant stakeholders, including start-ups, ESOs, ecosystem builders, government agencies, local, regional, and international investors, the regional and global network organizations as well as organizations seeking opportunities in Cambodia.

The Collaborations pillar functions as a key component of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through the Give a Day events, the initiative engages Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) to enable a demand-oriented approach that responds to the needs and challenges of the entrepreneurs. Through the Ecosystem Builders Network, the collaboration pillar helps identify market gaps and opportunities. Through CAMESO, the collaboration pillar provides a comprehensive yearly recap of the actions and outcomes from the ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and updated on the progress and achievements. Lastly, the pillar also facilitates networking opportunities between national and regional organizations, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among different sectors and domains.