Enhancing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Investments (3Ei) Brands

3Ei aims to co-create and promote six brands across four Intervention Areas or Pillars (shown in the image below) that need to work together in cohesion to effectively strengthen the collaborations and coordination within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investments.
Collaboration Pillar
To foster stronger and more effective partnerships among the actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the collaboration pillar implements three brands: Give a Day, Ecosystem Builder Network (EBN), and Cambodia’s Ecosystem Strengthening Conference (CAMESO). These initiatives help to build trust, share knowledge, and coordinate actions among the ecosystem actors.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pillar
To support the capacity development of Entrepreneurs Support Organizations (ESOs) and address the challenges including limited and inadequate technical skills and knowledge, lack of quality and comprehensive support for startups, scarcity of local experts, and low resiliency, the Entrepreneurship, and Innovations pillar implements two programs: the Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) program and the Masterclasses for incubator/accelerator excellence. These programs in conjunction are developed as Strengthen Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI) brand that works closely with local ESOs to help them improve their programs and performance, provide high-value services to their network of entrepreneurs, and establish strategic and practical international connections.
Service Facility for Blended Finance Pillar
To catalyze investment into Cambodia’s small and growing businesses (SGBs) by providing support through technical assistance, the Service Facility for Blended Finance pillar offers a multi-investor, multi-sector Technical Assistance (TA) facility for Blended Finance. This facility is branded as Entrepreneur Investment Support (EIS) Facility that supports SGBs that are trying to secure investment and have raised funds and need additional non-financial support for sustainable growth. SGBs can access various forms of support through a pool of vetted consultants from this one-stop shop TA facility.
Data Pillar
To track startup performance, identify gaps and opportunities to enhance support structures, allocate resources effectively and generate a picture over time of how the ecosystem is evolving, the Data pillar collects and analyzes comprehensive data and indexes. Information on how an entrepreneurial ecosystem is evolving, such as the failure rate, successful rate, percent of access to finance, timeline of operation and impact of startups, and investment performance, encompassing innovation, investment environment, workforce skills, etc. Therefore, the Data for Investment brand under this pillar will track relevant information to shape analysis and the prioritization of solutions over time, contributing to a strengthened entrepreneurial ecosystem.