Tourism is a key sector with potential for sustainable economic growth for both developing and emerging economies.

Swisscontact supports destinations and stakeholders in their development towards a balanced growth of the tourism sector. Sustainable tourism management actively contributes to a development that preserves the resources of the targeted destination. 

Even with the fight against poverty remaining a priority, all interventions aim to strengthen cultural, environmental, social and economic sustainability. Swisscontact implements a wide range of projects either for a destination, a region or at the national level. Our most common interventions focus on:

  • sustainable tourism destination development and management
  • tourism and hospitality capacity building and skills development
Sustainable tourism
Destination in South-East Tunisia: new approaches and skills in the tourism sector
The main objective of the project is to contribute to the attractiveness of South-East Tunisia through new approaches and skills for the development of sustainable, diversified and inclusive tourism. This will improve the income and living conditions of the local population. Since the revolution in 2011, 2018 has seen the best tourism result with...
Sustainable tourism
Tourism Governance and Marketing
The project contributes to diversifying and improving the competitiveness of Tunisian tourism by encouraging the development of new approaches to local tourism management and new regional tourism brands. Tourism accounts for 14% of national GDP and faces many structural and profound challenges. Tunisian tourism urgently needs reforms and measures...
Sustainable tourism
Switzerland-Morocco Sustainable Tourism Programme
The Swiss-Moroccan sustainable tourism programme aims to support the provinces of Azilal and Beni Mellal in developing sustainable tourism with integrated sectors in order to reduce poverty, create income and new jobs and improve existing jobs, particularly for young people and women.