Waste Pickers

Phuangphet Thaivichit
“I’m now more conscious of separating waste properly to ensure my safety. I hope everyone will follow suit, as it can make a big difference in creating a safer working environment for waste pickers like myself."
Liengamphone Phouxay
"With the knowledge I've acquired, I'm more aware of safety measures and now know how to assist others in case of illness or dizziness."
“Since attending the workplace safety training, I’ve gained a better understanding of the potential hazards associated with handling different waste.”
"Before attending the First Aid and Hygiene training, I relied on herbs for wound care. Now, I prioritize safety by wearing gloves, safety caps, and boots while working, and using medicine correctly."
Somchay Phetdaoheuang
“After I received the new cart, I felt so happy. It is of good quality and even has reflective stickers on it, making me feel safer when I work.”