Component 3: Entrepreneurship Training and Seed Money Beneficiaries 

Chan Vilaythong
“If you have a passion, focus on it and be confident. If you have concerns, seek advice directly from your mentor, and success will come knocking on your door.”
“My life has changed significantly. I only had an irregular income before attending the VTESS program. With my own greenhouse, I can grow a variety of crops and can expect a more stable daily income.”
Buangern Vongsi
"The ESS program helped me learn about mushroom cultivation, communication methods, and other skills that gave me confidence to apply for my current job.”
Keokoumpa Meuangmany
“The lessons I learned directly apply to my job, and I feel proud of what I am doing.”
Keoudone Tanmanivong
“Through support from the VTESS project, I was given the opportunity to turn my passion into a successful business by being selected to receive the seed money.”
Noulex Kongmany
“During the training, I gained important skills in customer service, labor market needs, and basic finance, which helped me greatly in my business endeavors.”
Noy Kanvongsa
“I feel grateful for the advice from teachers and trainers to help me be successful in my own business.”
“At first, I was worried about my lack
of reading and writing skills, but with
the help of the teachers and the trainers,
I was able to successfully complete the Enterprise Base Training (EBT) program.”
Sansay Nalath
“I took the lessons learnt in my marketing course to survey local restaurants and markets to see what customers were looking for and found that traditional chicken and carp fish were in high demand.”
Sengaloun Symy
“While studying, I found many subjects interesting, but the most useful one was social skills, which helped me to communicate better with customers and make a good impression.”
Vilayphone Sisouphanh
“The most helpful subject is the business plan, it included budget estimate and labor market survey, which taught about finding jobs. This knowledge helped me achieve my goals.”
Xeng Lor
“Attending the program provided me with not only work skills, but to also know my individual rights and to have more confidence in myself.”