Outcome 2

Community Coaching on Sustainability

  • 8 Community Based Tourisms / villages have assisted through the Community Coaching on Sustainability (COCOS) program.
  • 34 master trainer and local coaches have been supported with the Training of Trainers (ToT) and experienced implementing the COCOS Program
  • 7 advisory service providers have been able to successfully sell the COCOS advisory services to the local government and private foundations.
  • 36 new trainers from across Indonesia have received Training of Trainers.
  • 10 new/improved sustainable tour products and services offered by community group.

Hospitality Practices on Sustainability

  • 182 hotels accessed the trainer and/or coaching.
  • 17 local trainers / coaches were trained.
  • 50% of hotels reported an increase in ratings or reputation.

Link and Match for Sustainability

  • 2 vocational high schools piloted Industry Class
  • 6 hotels partnered with vocational tourism schools (SMKs) to pilot the Industry Class
  • 435 students graduated from the Industry Class
  • 5 Majors implemented the Industry Class program: Culinary Arts, Accounting, Hotel Accommodation, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering.
  • 1 Coaching Module developed and piloted.
  • 2 Standard Operation Procedure developed and disseminated to SMKs and Industry.