Sustainable tour product development and community coaching

Market-Driven Sustainable Tour Product Development is an innovative approach that stimulates a strong connection between supply and demand of sustainable tourism products through backward investment.

The DMC/TO invest their resources to support the product development by providing market insights and facilitation to the Community-Based Tourism (CBT) groups to improve the quality of their products.  To strengthen the connection between DMC/TO & CBT groups, local partners (DMOs or local ground-handlers) would act as a bridge, especially in capacity development and quality control, for the whole product development process. The DMC/TO then promote the tour product to the sustainability-oriented market; once sold, they analyze the customer feedback with the CBT groups, as the continuous improvement process.

In Flores, SUSTOUR in partnership with DER Touristik Suisse (DTS) and Manumadi Wisata, have jointly facilitated and supported the development of 2 sustainable tour products (the ‘Flores Overland with Pemo and Todo village’ and ‘Waelolos Day-trip’ from Labuan Bajo). While in Wakatobi, SUSTOUR in partnership with Tari Travel and I Like Local, have jointly facilitated and supported the development of 7 sustainable tour products. The tour products are island-hopping experiences, covering the 3 islands Wakatobi: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, and Tomia. On top of that, the products also highlighted the 5 selected villages of Kollosoha, Kahianga, Tanomeha, Horuo and Mantigola.