Hospitality Practice on Sustainability (HOPS)

SUSTOUR engaged in a partnership with Excellence Plus Indonesia (EPI), a national service provider based in Jakarta, as advisory service provider for hotels and other accommodation establishments.

SUSTOUR and EPI co-developed 3 advisory products:

  1. Cleanliness, Health, Safety & Environmental Sustainability’ (CHSE): to support the businesses to improve their measures as they apply for the national CHSE certification.
  2. ‘Hospitality Practices on Sustainability’ (HOPS): to train and coach hospitality bussienss on the application of sustainability practices as part of business operations. 
  3. Sustainable Hospitality Operations for Managers (SHO-M): to supports the hotel managers on self-management and staff-management in the journey to sustainability.

The HOPS programme provides training and coaching to business actors engaged in the hospitality sector to support the application of sustainability practices as part of business operations in accordance with international sustainability standards. Hospitality businesses which participated in this programme have started their journey to become more sustainable, both within their operation and building their reputation in the market.

HOPS includes 4 modules:  Cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE); Understanding sustainability; Sustainable business practices; Promoting your sustainable business. Each module is delivered by experienced local trainers. At the end of each training course, businesses are encouraged to formulate their own action plan. The action plan then becomes the base for subsequent coaching sessions, which are facilitated by trained and experienced local coaches.